Diamond Bingo Console

The Diamond Bingo Console is the crown jewel of our Bingo King console family. Its sleek design and eye-catching details are sure to get attention. This PC-powered console is easy to use. Its intuitive operation offers touch screen, keyboard and mouse interactivity.

Diamond Bingo Console

A treasure with all of the sparkle.


  • Single hall video output
  • Stationary design
  • Adjustable monitor
  • Intel® Pentium® M CPU
  • Magnetic card for added security and quick logon
  • Quiet double-layered acrylic ball chamber
  • Built-in color camera
  • Optional random number generator
  • Specifically designed to verify the most popular bingo paper series
  • Hall advertising capabilities


  • Performs with most flashboards
  • Imporved flashboard interface output
  • Ball switches are sealed to protect against drink spills and airborne contaminants
  • Built-in UPS protecting all electronics and preventing crashes
  • Manual back-up mode in event of PC failure
  • Flashboard outputs are thermally protected with higher gain
  • Flashboard outputs protected from static electricity (ESD)
  • Able to scroll messages across either of the video outputs

NEW! Multi-Face Verification

  • Ability to verify entire sheets of paper on the console and show full sheets on the hall monitors
  • Click on individual face in the verify sheet view to show a single face up close
  • Built in new pattern designer that allows designs at the sheet and card level
  • As simple as a single line bingo on 3 cards or as complex as a large "X" pattern that spans 4 cards
  • Sheet level designer that supports up to an 18 ON cut

Diamond Bingo Console

Item No. BK1400

Unpacked Dimensions
Height Width Depth Weight
30½" 51½" 32" 240 lbs
Packed Dimensions
Height Width Depth Weight
45" 55" 40 308