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    Quality, reliable electronic bingo equipment!

    Our bingo consoles, flashboards, and accessories are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

    Bingo King Electronic Bingo Equipment

Periodic Cleaning & Sanitizing of Electronic Gaming Equipment

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Bingo King's Crown Collection Of Bingo Equipment

We know that every bingo game has different requirements and one set of equipment cannot meet the needs of every game and every hall. We carry the variety you need in bingo equipment that's right for your hall to make it a success!

Bingo Consoles

The Diamond Bingo Console is the crown jewel of our Bingo King console family. Its sleek design and eye-catching details are sure to get attention. This PC-powered console is easy to use. Its intuitive operation offers touch screen, keyboard and mouse interactivity.

Bingo Accessories

Possibly the most important part of any bingo game and the focus of everybody's attention — such a vital part of the game shouldn't be taken lightly. Samson® and Tru-Max™ bingo balls are universally acclaimed for durability, integrity, and size consistency.


Enhance the thrill of your bingo game with our contemporary flashboards, now available with a brighter, whiter LED lighting option! Our large variety of high-tech flashboards will meet the needs of any game!

Give your players that wow factor in your hall! Don't wait until someone asks you, "why doesn't your flashboard light up like all of the others?" Our LED lighting option gives flashboards a newer and brighter appearance, making them easier to read.


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